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    Wednesday, August 14, 2002
    [updated 8.15.02 @ 11pm EST]


    TR is a new technology that uses heat to straighten hair. It is permanent and actually improves the look of your hair, making it silky, shiny and beautiful. *Unfortunately, it appears (from what I've read) that it does not currently work on African-American hair.

    There are three main manufacturers/process types: Yuko, Liscio, and Bio-Ionics. They are very similar. In the hands of a trained and experienced stylist, all should give great results. BUT.... the most important thing to know is...

    The Most Important Thing to Know

    "IT'S NOT THE PRODUCT, IT'S THE STYLIST". Go to a stylist who has alot of experience and that comes highly recommended!!!

    Also, don't get your hair wet for a minimum of 48 hours. Some stylists may tell you to wait longer. Listen to them.


    At this point (after having non-optimal TR at an unknown salon) I am only going to list the stylists/salons that have gotten very positive feedback on the discussion board. To find other salons offering TR, visit the links below. I realize that this list will get outdated pretty fast - or good salons/stylists will not be listed - but I am only going to post based on what I've read to this point (I can only spend so much time reading posts!). There are many other good salons, so if you need more feedback, check the message board.
    • Jason at Kim Sun Young Salon in NYC, 212-695-8152, 212-695-1075
    • VincentJ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954) 566-6601
    • Perry Han at Benedetto Salon in Seattle, 206-340-9527or 206-340-9531 -
    • Rob at Haircutters in the Meadows in NJ, (201) 863-3900
    • Hayato-NYC, 212 673 7373

    Useful Links



    From what I've read on the message boards and what I've tried, the best bets are:

    Related Info


    These are problems than can arise if your stylist is not experienced enough. You really need to do your homework, ask questions, and do a risk/benefit assessment for yourself before plunging into ANY process that involves chemical processing of your hair. According to Jason and Vincent, wait 2 weeks before getting a redo. A redo should not damage hair. My advice - post to the board and get more info about your situation.
    • breakage - depending on which system (Yuko or Liscio) some of the solution must not be applied too close to the scalp (I will check on the specifics for each system). Breakage can occur weeks after the TR as the new growth comes in. This seems to be rare, but is a risk. Protein treatments listed above can help prevent this.
    • very dry ends (described as broom-like) - I assume to be caused by overprocessing
    • still wavy, frizzy-ish hair - caused by underprocessing
    • dents - caused by underprocessing or by putting hair up/back too soon (wait at least a week)
    • pregnancy (not that TR will make you pregnant, but if you should get TR while pregnant... hee hee) - some say it's OK, some say to wait - bottom line: ask your doctor


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